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Calculate the fertile period of a woman who recently married a simple job, but many people are not aware of the proper way or method. The word "Ovulation Calculator" on the title above can be interpreted a method or way of calculation to determine the fertile period of a person, but it can also be interpreted as an instrument or alattertentu that can assist us in determining the calculation of the fertile period of a woman. The fertile time itself is a time experienced by each woman's menstrual cycle. At this time, the egg attaches to the uterine wall ready to be fertilized. If doing a sexual ties at this time or the occurrence of a conception, then the woman will become pregnant.
Ovulation Calculator
Calculator fertile widely used by the newly married couple to be able to know the time - a time when women ready to be fertilized. Or you could say, potentially pregnant with a large percentage if the act of intercourse at that time. The calculation of the fertile period is also useful for family planning programs. Because the people - people who are not able or not willing to buy KB instruments such as injections, surgery, or the use of condoms can use this method to help them control the birth rate. That is, they can use the time of intercourse without the occurrence of a pregnancy when a woman in a state of "infertile".
In practice there are two kinds of methods are often used as a calculator fertility. Calculation utuk this fertile period can be made by manual calculations to recognize a woman's menstrual cycle and can also use a tool called a calendar pregnancy or pregnancy are often referred to as a wheel. This tool can be found at the health center - the nearest health center or doctor - a gynecologist to detect fertile period seseorong, however, due to advances in communications technology that now exists in the community, you can get the instrument is in the shop - shop online at an affordable price. Nevertheless, fertility calculator only estimates anytime wakentutu fertile period will arrive by a certain time span, however, the calculator fertile period using either manual calculations wheel ataupunpregnancy same - each has a high accuracy rate in its calculations.
For manual calculation, how pretty simple. First, you should note that the menstrual cycle happen before at least 6 cycles. Then record when you experience the longest cycle and shortest cycle. Then, Subtract tepanjang your menstrual cycle with the number 11, and kurangakan your menstrual cycle with the number 18. As a sample: You have the longest cycle of 30 days and the shortest cycle for 25 days, then the calculation is:
30-11 = 19
25-18 = 7
It can be concluded that the calculator this fertile period detected that your fertile period occurred on day 7 to day 19 in your menstrual period. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate of the range of the fertile period. Many also fktor - external factors that can support your fertile period such as diet, nutrition, activity, and others - others.
If you want to try another way, try to set aside a little money to make up for the pregnancy wheel. Here, you can see the complete calculation when the fertile time will come, along with the information - important information about the condition of the baby during pregnancy until birth. Calculator fertile period of this type are also sometimes include any nutrients pregnant women need at the time began to conceive until just before delivery.

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