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So that the remote can work on our tv setting means there are two ways, namely: By entering the code manually to find a suitable type

Turn on the tv it, find the code corresponding to the brand of tv on a piece of paper that came at the time of purchase of the remote. Suppose its brand tv Toshiba, the search for the code in the column labeled Toshiba.
Press and hold the "SET" (setting) until the LED light turns on, or also by pressing the "SET" coincided with the "POWER" on the remote until the LED lights up.
Enter the 3 digit code the first group that you select. For example, 000 or 014.
LED lights will automatically extinguished when you enter 3 numbers.
Try remotnya by pressing any key, if working normally?
If not, please repeat step 2, then enter the following code to the remote works normally.If the code is deemed suitable and working normally, record the code behind the remote battery cover, to anticipate when the remote is not working due to incorrect press or playing children.B. How to secure entry code automatically to search for suitable type.

Turn on the tv it, faced right into the tv remote.
Press the "SET" button until the light is on.
Press the "VOL +" (volume +) on the remote repeatedly, there hinga code view volume on the TV screen, eg VOLUME 10.
Press "VOL-". Are display tv volume be lowered? Eg so VOLUME 9. If the volume does not go down then try again from step 3, until the tv volume could go up and down one point.
Press the "SET" button until the LED goes out.
Try remotnya by pressing any key. Does the remote work normally? If not, then try again.
Well what if you want to use the first step but the code alias his paper ilang, meaning we need the codes.The following brands and codes Tv Remote.AIWA009, 057, 058ANHUA017, 001, 032, 047Aolinpu104BENQ294BAIHUA016, 025, 033, 053, 056, 079Baihehua023, 024, 040, 043BAILE01F6, 025, 012, 019, 026, 027, 028, 029, 030, 031, 042Baosheng011, 025, 016BAOHUASHI033, 053, 056, 079BEIJING008, 012, 011, 019, 016, 023, 024, 025, 027, 028, 029, 030, 031, 033, 040, 043, 050, 053, 056, 026, 079, 091, 039, 042, 051, 021, 122, 126, 233, 265, 298, 351, 376Cailing102

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